Youjin Do

Hi! I am Youjin Do, a creative maker, documentary director and published author.

What makes me most happy is creating ideas and realizing them to make meaningful social changes. Whether that's on my own while directing and producing documentaries, or if it's in a team by creating cool visual stories.

In 2016, I was asked by the Korean government to help re-brand Korea's Jeju Island as an attractive place for remote freelancers and remote companies. I was in charge of overall branding and set up the international marketing strategy. Thousands of people visited Jeju Island through our program and it is now one of the most well known destinations for remote workers.

In 2017, I produced and directed my first documentary about remote work and the rise of digital nomads called One Way Ticket. I crowdfunded it on my own website and organized filming across 4 continents with an entirely remote crew. We interviewed tech companies like Automattic, Zapier, Basecamp and Buffer. It's now published and streamable on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Based on my documentary research I was asked by Namhaebomnal, a reputable Korean cultural book publisher to write a book called "원하는 곳에서 일하고 살아갈 자유, 디지털 노마드 (Digital Nomads: Freedom to Live and Work Wherever You Want)". It was the first book in Korea about remote work and was featured on prime time evenings news and major publications.

After that, I worked for Korea Expose, an English-language media outlet focusing on telling insider stories from South Korea. At Korea Expose, I organized the video team from scratch and lead it to over 1 million views across YouTube and Facebook.

My work has been featured in Quartz, Huffington Post, Forbes,, South China Morning Post, The Next Web, Tech In Asia, Korea Herald, SBS Korea, Cosmopolitan, Grazia and many others.